Indiana University-Bloomington School of Public Health

Final Self-Study Report For Accreditation

Submitted to the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)

Welcome to the accreditation Self-Study Report for the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington. Below you will find the table of contents for the self-study, through which you can view each section of the self-study independently. At the bottom of the table of contents, you can download a PDF copy of the self-study narrative in its entirety. Also at the bottom of the table of contents you will find a link to the electronic resource files website.

We appreciate the efforts of the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners who provided valuable feedback on this document.

Table of Contents
1.1 Mission (pdf)
1.2 Evaluation (pdf)
1.3 Institutional Environment (pdf)
1.4 Organization and Administration (pdf)
1.5 Governance (pdf)
1.6 Fiscal Resources (pdf)
1.7 Faculty and other Resources (pdf)
1.8 Diversity (pdf)
2.1 Degree Offerings (pdf)
2.2 Program Length (pdf)
2.3 Public Health Core Knowledge (pdf)
2.4 Practical Skills (pdf)
2.5 Culminating Experience (pdf)
2.6 Required Competencies (pdf)
2.7 Assessment Procedures (pdf)
2.8 Other Graduate Professional Degrees (pdf)
2.9 Bachelors Degrees in Public Health (pdf)
2.10 Other Bachelor Degrees (pdf)
2.11 Academic Degrees (pdf)
2.12 Doctoral Degrees (pdf)
2.13 Joint Degrees (pdf)
2.14 Distance Education or Executive Degrees (pdf)
3.1 Research (pdf)
3.2 Service (pdf)
3.3 Workforce Development (pdf)
4.1 Faculty Qualifications (pdf)
4.2 Faculty Policies and Procedures (pdf)
4.3 Student Recruitment and Admissions (pdf)
4.4 Advising and Career Counseling (pdf)
DOWNLOAD Full Self-Study as a PDF