Career Services

The Office of Career Services believes in offering exceptional career services in a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful environment in which each student able to develop a meaningful career path. We strive to provide career advising, resources, programs, and employer connections to students and alumni that will enable them to become contributing members of the workforce and community.

We believe that preparation is critical for our students' career success. Our team begins working with students as early as their first year at the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington so they'll be ready for the challenges of a diverse, competitive, and global workplace.

Luckily, their education from the school is a powerful tool in ensuring their success. Our job is to help them open the doors to a career that is satisfying, rewarding, and creates a better world.

Susan Simmons, Director of Career Services
PH C003
Phone: 812-856-4437

Kim Ecenbarger, Associate Director for Career Programming
PH C005
Phone: 812-855-5117

Sarah Cady, Associate Director of Career Services
PH C001
Phone: 812-856-7224

Sarah McClure, Program Manager LLC
Briscoe Shoemaker B103
E-mail: Phone: 812-855-4648

Trudy McConnell, Assistant Director
PH C017
Phone: 812-855-2525

Kristine Nielsen, Program Manager, Assistant Director
Sycamore Hall 144
Phone: (812) 855-0975