Our alumni represent the best of the best. Thanks to them, our school has earned an enviable reputation for excellence both at home and abroad. As the school and its programs have grown to encompass a broad spectrum of academic interests and professional fields, so too, has the base of alumni and friends. Our school is known for one of the most active and influential alumni groups in the United States. The school's graduates continue to provide a loyal support network for current programs and students.

The school is dedicated to cultivating its ongoing relationships with more than 25,000 alumni living worldwide. Our network of School of Public Health-Bloomington alumni spans across 50 states, includes Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and an impressive 41 countries.

Our ongoing efforts are to secure private support, organize alumni programming, and communicate with alumni, donors, and friends through special events, our annual Alumni Impact Report, and Public Health Dimensions Magazine.

Many alumni and friends give back by financially supporting the school, attending events, assisting with alumni engagement activities, or connecting with current students who are seeking mentors or assistance with finding internships or employment. Such involvement by alumni and friends help ensure the school’s continued growth and success.