Distinguished Alumni Awards

John R. Endwright Alumni Service Award
John R. Endwright

Established in 1986, the John R. Endwright Alumni Service Award recognizes outstanding service and contributions, which measure accomplishments of service to the School of Public Health-Bloomington, Indiana University, and/or the public health profession. It is named after former Dean John Endwright, who once suggested that a school's foundation would only be as strong as the relationships it established with its alumni.

2016 Recipient

Dale Leff and Brian Shepherd

Past Recipients

(2015) Mary Boutain and Robert (Bob) Nickovich
(2014) Scott Chakan and Tom Templin
(2013) Vicki Scott
(2012) Laura Newton
(2011) David R. Austin, Kele Ding, and Melissa Heston
(2010) Nick DiGrino
(2010) Harrison B. Wilson
(2010) Andrew Kanu
(2009) Mark Wilson
(2009) Debra Wright Knapp
(2009) Jane H. Adams
(2008) Thomas Feldman
(2008) Suzanne Crouch
(2008) Kelly Powell
(2007) Russell Sinn
(2007) Elizabeth J. Monnier
(2007) Rin Seibert
(2006) Robert Lubitz
(2006) Tami Benham Deal
(2006) Peter Cunningham
(2005) David R. Hopkins
(2005) Wendy Z. Hultsman
(2005) Helen L. Scheibner
(2004) George Holland
(2004) John C. Ozmun
(2004) James Murphy
(2003) Steven Kintigh
(2003) Robert Synovitz
(2003) Peter Werner
(2002) Elizabeth Majestic
(2002) Kenneth Mosely
(2001) Joy Miller Kirchner
(2001) George H. Oberle
(2001) Kenneth G. Stella
(2000) Hugh Jessop
(2000) Walt Bellamy
(2000) Lee Burton (posthumously)
(1998) C. Harold Veenker
(1998) Marian G. Miller
(1998) Sandy Knapp
(1997) Dean Kleinschmidt
(1997) Mildred Ball
(1997) Jane Boubel
(1996) Norma Jean Johnson
(1996) Anthony Pantaleoni
(1996) William Koch (posthumously)
(1995) Michael “Kent” Benson
(1995) Janet Seaman
(1995) Joseph Cindrich
(1992) Leroy Z. Compton
(1990) George T. Wilson
(1986) Sam Newberg