Distinguished Alumni Awards

Tony Mobley International Distinguished Alumni Award
Trevor Garrett - 2013

Mr. Trevor Garrett’s career began with a Diploma of Physical Education from the University of Otago in New Zealand and after working as a physical education teacher and school housemaster, he enrolled at Indiana University and received his master’s of science in recreation in 1976. From 1976-1991, Mr. Garrett worked in the New Zealand government’s Department of Internal Affairs, including responsibilities as the Advisory Officer in Recreation Planning, the Senior Administration Officer in the Royal Visit Office, and in 1981 as the Executive Officer for Recreation and Sport. His other appointments included Chief Executive Officer for Recreation and Community Development, Director of Lottery Services, Director of Gaming, Racing, and Censorship, and Group Manager for Regulatory and Lottery Services.

In addition to his roles with the New Zealand government, Mr. Garrett established both the Charities Commission and the Casino Control Authority. He currently serves as a member of a United Nations Counter Terrorism expert working group, which convenes country meetings in different world regions to examine methods for preventing the financing of terrorism.

Some of Mr. Garrett’s other professional highlights include being named Patron of Physical Education New Zealand in 2011 and being inducted into the Wall of Fame at the School of Physical Education, University of Otago in 2010. Mr. Garrett also served as the National President of the New Zealand Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation from 1979 to 1983, and 1985 to 1986.