Distinguished Alumni Awards

Tony Mobley International Distinguished Alumni Award
Talal Hashim - 2014

Tony Mobley Talal Hashim graduated from Indiana University in 1988 with his Doctorate in Health & Safety from the School of Public Health-Bloomington. An accomplished educational leader, Dr. Hashim has held multiple roles at the King Saud University in Saudi Arabia including Coordinator of Health Services Administration Program, Director of the Center for Research and Development, Chairman of the Department of Community Health Sciences, including his current roles as Professor of Public Health Safety and Education. He has been instrumental in the evaluation and improvement of curriculum for the Community Health Sciences Program in the College of Allied Medical Sciences at King Saud University. He has developed courses on topics ranging from injury control and safety studies to the management of health education.
Dr. Hashim’s research interests include examining knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs related to various health topics some of which include cancer, smoking, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS. He work has been published in various journals including the Saudi Medical Journal, Journal of Family and Community Medicine, and the New Egyptian Journal of Medicine.
Dr. Hashim is involved in multiple professional organizations as a member of the Research and Health Organization Council, Department of Community Health Sciences Research Board, and Health Institutes of Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia.