Distinguished Alumni Awards

Tony Mobley International Distinguished Alumni Award
Tepwanee Homsanit - 2003

Dr. Tepwanee Homsanit received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physical education from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. She then came to Indiana University in 1977 to study for a second master’s degree, followed by the Doctorate in Health & Safety.

Tepwanee’s teaching experiences have included various courses in physical education, health education, safety education, recreation, and sports science, at both undergraduate and graduate levels for the department of physical education, faculty of education, and School of Sports Science at Chulalongkorn University (1966-2003). She is currently an associate professor in the School of Sports Science at Chulalongkorn.

Her professional memberships include the Sport Psychology Association, the Sport Medicine Association, the Sport Science Association, and the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation association, all of Thailand.  She has served two terms as secretary general to the Health Education Association of Thailand, and is presently in her second term as president of this organization. She has been active in the IU Alumni Association of Thailand, and has served as both vice secretary and secretary. She is currently the president of the Thailand Hockey Association.

Tepwanee has also served in a variety of positions at Chulalongkorn University, including Associate Dean of Student Affairs, chairperson of the committee for the undergraduate program in health education, and as a member of the committee on curriculum and instruction for the faculty of education.

With many textbooks, articles, and other publications to her credit, as well as many highly regarded research projects, Dr. Tepwanee Homsanit has achieved at the highest levels of her career, and is an outstanding international alumna.