Distinguished Alumni Awards

Tony Mobley International Distinguished Alumni Award
Umit Kesim - 2004

Dr. Umit Kesim, born in Istanbul, Turkey, graduated from Elkhart High School, Indiana. He received his bachelor’s (1968) and master’s (1971) degrees from Indiana University School of HPER.  After serving many years as an academician and sports administrator in both public and private institutions and universities, he received his PhD degree at the age of 59, from School of PE & Sports, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey. 

Kesim played basketball and tennis at Elkhart High School. While at IU he was captain of both IU soccer and volleyball teams. In 1966, he was selected to the First Team All American in Soccer , and in 1967 to the All-Midwest Volleyball Team. During the period of 1968-1971, he coached the IU Volleyball Team and served as an assistant Soccer Coach for Jerry Yeagley.

After returning to Turkey in 1971, Kesim served in different sports institutions and universities, including the Ministry of Youth and Sports. His titles in these institutions were Athletic Director of Hacettepe University, Ankara; Chairperson of PE, Sports and Recreation Department of  Middle East Technical University; Turkish representative to the Council of Europe Sports Research Committee; Member of the Olympic Academic Commission of the Turkish Olympic Committee; Sports Director of ENKA and Galatasaray Sports Clubs, and Dean of Students of Koc University, Istanbul. He is currently teaching at the School of PE & Sports at Marmara University, Istanbul, where he serves  as an executive board member of the Athletic Department of the University.

Kesim’s teaching experiences  includes various courses in Sport Science, Physical Education, Recreation and Sports Management, at both undergraduate and graduate levels (1971-2004).

His professional memberships include ICHPER – SD, Turkish Sports Sciences Association (Founding Member and Current Vice-President), Turkish Physical Education Association, Executive Board Member of the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports, Founding Executive Board Member of the Turkish University Sports and Sports For All Federations, Executive Board Member of the Turkish Wrestling and Track and Field Federations.

Kesim has been active in the IU Alumni Association of Turkey and currently is serving as the President of the Turkish Korfball Federation. Among his recent ongoing projects are the  Children’s Correction Center “Rehabilitation Through Sports”, which he initiated, and the Turkish Olympic Committee “Sports Culture and Olympic Education” project for elementary education.

He is the editor of various sport science books and articles. Dr. Kesim’s biggest ideal is to see his students and young colleagues advance nationally and globally in the academic fields of sports sciences.