Request a Class Presentation

The Office of Career Services is always happy to present on a career related topic in the classroom. Presentations could be a simple 15 minute introduction to Career Services for students or a full presentation or workshop on a specific topic. We will work closely with the faculty member to meet the needs of their classroom. If a faculty member knows in advance that they will be away from campus for a business related activity such as a conference, instead of canceling class, we encourage them to consider contacting the Office of Career Services to arrange a career presentation or workshop for students.

Integrate Career Development Topics and Assignments into Your Curriculum

The Office of Career Services can assist faculty in the creation of career related assignments, extra credit opportunities, or classroom activities that will assist students with defining their career goals, articulate skills, and develop their job search materials.  Please e-mail phcareer@indiana.edu to discuss ways to incorporate these topics into an upcoming class. You can also access helpful job preparation handouts on numerous career topics.