Internship Guidelines

Internships are an excellent way to apply your academic knowledge in a work setting and gain valuable professional skills. Many majors require an internship as part of the degree. We strongly encourage you to complete an internship to enhance your learning and add relevant experience to your resume.

The Internship Portal provides step-by-step guidelines for students completing an internship for academic credit as part of their degree program.

How to Use the Internship PortalLog Into Internship Portal

Selecting an Internship

The portal contains:Student reading a book to a little girl

  • Instructions for each step of the internship process
  • A listing of all internship and field experience courses
  • An internship database to explore your options
  • All required paperwork to submit prior to the internship
  • Links to required online internship evaluations

An internship also provides you with the opportunity to interact with professionals working in your field of study and show them how you can contribute to their organization in a meaningful way.