Helping Indiana and the World Thrive

We are committed to ensuring our state and our world have a better future by helping grow its economy, by promoting health, preventing disease, and enhancing quality of life for all. 

We do this through collaborative research, teaching, and service with partners both locally, across Indiana, and around the world.

Community-based efforts to improve health in Indiana include the AmeriCorps State program AmeriCorps Improving Health Throughout Indiana, which is sponsored by the Dean’s Office at Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington. The goal of the program is to help eliminate health disparities in Indiana by promoting healthy weight management through proper nutrition and physical activity.

Likewise, workforce development is a key to the success of public health efforts in Indiana. We are dedicated to helping the array of health workers in Indiana enhance their skills across the spectrum of public health topics and best practices. The newly launched free series of Public Health & YOU™ courses are designed specifically for professionals and practitioners whose work impacts the health of the public. Courses, taken individually or as a series, will increase the knowledge of the workforce and provide a common language of public health concepts and terms.

Similarly, the school also supports collaborative efforts and affiliations with a global network of universities, institutions, and agencies dedicated to improving health and wellbeing both in the US and around the world. Our ever-expanding global health efforts are integrated across all school departments and across an array of health topics.