Workforce Development


Hosting a Member

“Our AmeriCorps [members] are doing a super job!! They are each responsible, they take initiative, the girls love them, and we are lucky to have them.”

Benefits to the Service Site

Service Site organizations capitalize on the service of an AmeriCorps Member while the HSC provides the financial benefits and additional training. HSC trains members in coordinated school health, professional development, civic engagement and evaluation. Each member is required to lead a district wellness team and complete a needs assessment. They can also provide support to current initiatives. AmeriCorps*State members can engage in both direct service and capacity-building activities including volunteer recruitment and some fundraising. In addition, by being a part of the HSC network, Service Sites gain access to additional resources for information on health and wellness and tools for providing new opportunities to the people they serve.

two female students standing at tableService Site Criteria

  • - Service Sites must be non-profit 501(c)3 or public agencies.
  • - Service Sites must be able to provide adequate supervision and guidance to the HSC member
  • - For returning Service Sites, compliance with the terms of the previous year will be considered.
  • - The level of training and professional development available to HSC members.
  • - Ability of the site to provide member support and supervision.
  • - Ability and willingness to assist with recruitment and retention.

Service Site Responsibilities

  • - Provide supervision, support and training to the HSC member.
  • - Participate in one AmeriCorps Orientation prior to the beginning of the term.
  • - Review and approve the member’s biweekly timesheets.
  • - Participate in bimonthly conference calls.
  • - Complete Mid-Term and End-of-Term Member Evaluations.
  • - Assist with Recruitment to fill the position at your site.

Important Dates

  • - Deadline to apply to host a member: July 15; if all slots are not assigned during the initial round, AIHTI will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis.
  • - Notification of Opportunity to Host a Member: July 19.
  • - New Service Site Supervisor Orientation: July 29-31 (several times offered between these dates).
  • - Applicants Interview at Service Sites: Beginning August 1.
  • - Deadline for Selecting a Member: September 13.
  • - Supervisor/Member Orientation: September 27.
  • - Member Orientation: September 27-29.
  • - Term Begins: September 30.
  • - Term Ends: August 31.

How do I apply?

Send inquiry to , Program Director

  • If you have questions please contact:

    Erin Cooperman
    1033 E. 3rd Street
    Sycamore Hall, Room 141
    Bloomington, IN 47408
    Phone: (812) 856-0064