Frank Family Scholarship for Sports Medicine

This scholarship supports undergraduate students during their last semester of the Athletic Training program. It is intended for those who wish to pursue graduate and/or professional studies at either Indiana University or another accredited university fields of sports medicine such as athletic training, medical school, biomechanics, or exercise physiology. Recipient must be well rounded students who embody the “whole package” based on excellence in academics, high performance in clinical assignments, and exemplary interpersonal skills as determined by a selected group of members of the athletic training education program faculty and staff.

Ben and Susan Frank and their son, Barnett Frank, created this scholarship to honor the spirit of the faculty and clinical staff of the athletic training program within the Department Kinesiology. Barnett Frank graduated from the athletic training program with highest distinction in 2008. Ben Frank received a DDS in 1969 and Susan Frank received a BS in Public Health Dental Hygiene in 1970, both from the Indiana University School of Dentistry.