Leroy "Bud" Getchell Scholarship

The Leroy "Bud" Getchell Scholarship is awarded to a student in the Department of Kinesiology who has proven an interest in the study of fitness through leadership in fitness programs, employment or volunteer work in fitness instructional classes, active participation in School of Public Health Clubs, programs, and activities and who is a physically fit person who engages in regular workouts.

Joining the Indiana University faculty in 1985, he initially served as the Executive Director of the National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS) in Indianapolis. In 1991 he left NIFS to become a full-time professor in Bloomington, developed an undergraduate fitness major as part of the exercise science curriculum and revived the Kinesiology Club. This scholarship was initially established by Shayla Holtkamp, a student of Getchell. Since that time, Dr. Getchell and others have assisted with the funding.