Master of Public Health Degree Program

Overview and Requirements

Degree Requirements

Students Entering Program Fall 2012 or Later

Master of Public Health degree specializations

Behavioral, Social, and Community Health M.P.H. degree

Biostatistics M.P.H. degree

Environmental Health M.P.H. degree

Epidemiology M.P.H. degree

Family Health M.P.H. degree

Physical Activity M.P.H. degree

Professional Health Education M.P.H. degree

Public Health Administration M.P.H. degree

Students Entering Program Fall 2011

MPH Behavioral, Social and Community Health Tabsheet (PDF)
MPH Biostatistics Tabsheet (PDF)
MPH Environmental Health Tabsheet (PDF)
MPH Epidemiology Tabsheet (PDF)
MPH Public Health Administration Tabsheet (PDF)