Graduate Core Public Health Competencies

By receiving a graduate degree from the School of Public Health-Bloomington, students will be expected to attain the following public health competencies in addition to those specific to their major:
  1. Summarize the historical and social contexts through which the field of public health has developed in the United States.
  2. Describe the manner in which the basic concepts, theories, and methods of the five core areas of public health are applied to health-related research, policy, and practice.
  3. Distinguish efforts through which organizations and institutions at local, national, and global levels seek to assure the health of the public.
  4. Analyze the manner in which the student's discipline is related to a multidisciplinary approach to achieving public health goals.

Additionally, students completing a Ph.D. degree or an M.S. degree with majors in nutrition science, biomechanics, ergonomics, exercise physiology, or motor learning/control will also attain the following competencies specific to epidemiology:

  1. Identify key sources of data for epidemiologic purposes.
  2. Apply the basic terminology and definitions of epidemiology.
  3. Evaluate the strengths and limitations of epidemiologic reports.