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Field Experience in Public Health - To be completed by Site Supervisor

Thank you for your time and guidance in working with the above student, we appreciate your willingness to assist in our internship program. Please use the following checklist and questions to evaluate the student based on the Essiential Services of Public Health and the Association of Schools of Public Health Core and Cross-Cutting Competencies. The Essential Public Health Services Provide the fundamental framework for the National Public Health Performance Standards Program instruments, by describing the puclic health activies that should be understaken in all communities.

Please Discuss this evaluation with the student during the exit interview.

Use the following scale to indicate the level of competence displayed by the student. Market NA if the student had no opportunity to demonstrate that competency during the practicum.

  4 = Superior 3= Good 2= Fair 1= Poor N/A

Exhibits command of public health concepts and knowledge

Implements strategies that facilitate organization change

Monitor health status to identify and solve community health problems

Diagnose and investigate health problems and health hazards in the community

Assesses and investigates the need for new health programming or improvement in current programming

Informs, educates, and empowers people about health issues and programs

Mobilize community partnerships to identify and solve health problems

Develop policies and plans that support individual and community health efforts

Enforce laws and regulations that protect health and community health efforts

Links people to needed health programs and services

Exhibits cultural competence

Evaluates effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of personal and population based health programs and services

Researches for new insights and innovative solutions to health problems

Below are the ASPH MPH and Cross-Cutting Competency Areas. Based on your experiences working with your MPH intern and the Exit Interview, please provide feedback regarding the student's overall level of attainment of the Core and Cross-Cutting Competency Areas.

Level of Attainment: PK, DS, PS

Proficient Knowledge (PK): Having or marked by an advanced degree of competence related to principals and terminology towards understanding gained through experience to solve many advanced problems with public health.

Developing Skill or Proficient Skill:The definition of a skill is the ability to adjust, or to be able to adapt in response to changing needs and contexts. A Developing Skill (DS) is one that is at the level of meeting basic skill competency through education, training and some practice of that skill.  Having achieved Proficient Skill (PS) implies that the student has demonstrated the capability to exhibit mastery of the skill through acquired knowledge, multiple exposures to appropriate skills-based experiences, and the opportunity to respond to changes within the environment with appropriate actions and decisions to achieve the desired outcome. 

Select the competency and then the level of attainment.
Competency 1: PK DS PS
Level of Attainment as assessed by the Student
Level of Attainment as assessed by the Site Supervisor


Competency 2: PK DS PS
Level of Attainment as assessed by the Student
Level of Attainment as assessed by the Site Supervisor


Overall Assessment

1. What are the strengths of the student as a graduate public health professional?

2. What professional skills and abilities need improvement?

3. In what areas has the student shown the most improvement in the internship?

4. Other comments specific to the student that will provide a more complete picture of his/her readiness to enter the public health profession:

5. Recommendations/Comments regarding the Internship Program:

6. Recommendations/Comments regarding the graduate professional preparation program in Public Health at Indiana University:


If the student were to apply for a position with your agency/institution, what type of recommendation would you give in regards to hiring?

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