Environmental and Occupational Health

B.S. in Public Health (BSPH)

Internships & other hands-on experiences for BSPH students

In addition to formal coursework, BSPH Environmental Health majors can gain practical experience and problem-solving skills through a required internship and other opportunities available to our majors.  

BSPH Environmental Health Internship
  • The required internship, Field Experience in Environmental Health (SPH-V 496), is usually taken during the senior year.
  • The internship is intended to help students synthesize, integrate, and apply the knowledge and skills acquired through coursework and other learning experiences.
  • The experience, skills, and personal connections gained through the BSPH internship are useful to finding employment after graduation.
  • Internship opportunities are available with local and state health departments, industry, federal and state agencies, and global organizations.
Other Internship Opportunities
Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Qualified students have opportunities to work with Department of Environmental and Occupational Health faculty on meaningful research projects.

These can be lab- or field-based, conducted in the U.S. or abroad and paid or volunteer experiences.

Examples of possible projects:

  • Developing educational resources for Indiana households at risk for indoor air pollution
  • Investigating the effect of climate change on the distribution of tropical disease
  • Analyzing the role of oxidative stress in breast cancer
  • Studying the impact of heavy metal exposures on children

Examination of the positive effects of the natural environment on human health

Complementary Academic Experiences
  • Other academic opportunities are available to complement the research experience such as participation in lab groups, journal clubs, & presentations at local, national and international scientific meetings.
Global Environmental Health Experiences

Department of Environmental and Occupational Health

SPH-V 422 course: Global Environmental Health has optional overseas travel (Spring semester)

 Global Brigades

Volunteer opportunities are available through the Global Brigades at Indiana University through participation in trips abroad to Nicaragua and Panama.