Environmental Health


Qiran Chen, doctoral graduate student in Environment Health was awarded the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) Dose-Response Specialty Group (DRSG) Student Award for her presentation in this year’s SRA annual in December 2016.

Dr. Khalid Khan research study on arsenic intervention in Bangladesh is highlighted in the NIH Fogarty International Center’s Global Health Matters newsletter. See link for more information.

Dr. Kan Shao poster “A Next Generation Benchmark Dose Computation System” at the SOT 2016 Annual meeting was awarded “Top Ten” abstracts by the Risk Assessment Specialty Section of the SOT.
You can find information here: https://www.toxicology.org/groups/ss/RASS/pastwinners.asp

Dr. Rodrigo Armijos (Director) and Dr. Meg Weigel (Co-Director) are pleased to announce that the new Global Environmental Health Research Laboratory located in SPH 054 is up and running. Research in the lab is currently focused in three major areas: (1) infectious disease epidemiology, prevention and control, (2) the effects of exposure to air pollution on oxidative stress, inflammation, and cardiorespiratory disease in children and other vulnerable groups, and (3) the effects of prenatal and postnatal food insecurity on nutrition, health, growth and development. The lab is currently training five graduate and undergraduate students in environmental health research laboratory and field methods.