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The department of Kinesiology has facilities available for both research and education.  These facilities range from laboratories to studios and are located in several places on the Indiana University, Bloomington campus.

Academic Diving Program

The Academic Diving Program (ADP) was formed in 1963 and provides training in recreational and scientific diving activities, using scuba as a tool to gain access to biological and cultural resources of the underwater realm.

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Center for Underwater Science

Established in 1992, the Center for Underwater Science focuses on the interdisciplinary research and interpretation of submerged cultural and biological resources, emphasizing park development.

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Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming 

Named for legendary IU swimming coach and educator James “Doc” Counsilman, the Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming serves as a research facility that provides state-of-the-art scientific assessment for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

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Underwater Science Lab

A thousand square foot facility located in the basement of the School of Public Health, the lab hosts environments designed to rehabilitate materials recovered during marine archaeology expeditions. Students learn conservation techniques necessary to remove harmful ocean salt from the objects so they can be cleaned in preperation for research and display in museums.

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The Wynn F. Updyke Center for Physical Activity

The mission of The Wynn F. Updyke Center for Physical Activity is to encourage participation in physical activity for people of all ages and abilities, enhance academic preparation, and contribute to a healthier society. 

Portrait of Wynn UpdykeDr. Wynn F. Updyke, pictured left, was a professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research in the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (now the School of Public Health-Bloomington) at Indiana University from 1977 until his retirement in June of 1997. Wynn was also the Director of the President’s Challenge Program, a program of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, from 1988 until his passing in 2003.

Dr. Updyke was a dedicated individual and outstanding scholar whose commitment to excellence and high standards were blended with a philosophy of individual empowerment. He had a significant impact far beyond the academic community and Indiana University.

The ‘Wynn F. Updyke Floor’ has been named in his memory and made possible by contributions from the Amateur Athletic Union and the work of his colleagues and friends.

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