Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies


The Department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in varying majors, including online graduate Masters degrees.

Undergraduate Programs

Our four-year undergraduate program leads to a Bachelor of Science in Recreation, a degree for which knowledge is developed through classroom instruction and practical experiences, supported by professional academic and career advising. You may choose from five specialization areas:

Undergraduate Minors
R-1 Series

The Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies offers an outstanding exploratory program for students to learn more about several aspects of recreation, park, and tourism studies. The R-1 series is a program that allows students from a variety of backgrounds and interest levels to experience new and challenging endeavors. Topics include leadership, outdoor adventure, environmental exploration, and adaptive adventure.

Graduate Programs

Here at RPTS, faculty and staff work hard to enhance the academic quality of our graduate programs. We strive to meet the academic needs of our graduate students by fostering a culture of collaboration with faculty. In addition, The City of Bloomington and surrounding Monroe County is rich in cultural and natural resources. I hope you will find IU Bloomington is an exciting and supportive place to live and learn. Remember faculty and staff at RPTS are here to help you to achieve your academic and personal goals.

As a graduate student in our department, you can prepare for a leadership position in these fields that have become central to our lives, lifestyles, and communities, either in residential or online courses.

Graduates with advanced degrees from the department can be found in administrative and research careers in a wide variety of recreation, park resources, leisure services, and academic settings. Our faculty members provide academic leadership and excellence through teaching, research, and service. We have a humanistic, multidisciplinary approach emphasizing innovation, collaboration, and technology. Research is an important and integral activity in all of our programs. Students are encouraged to fully utilize resources available to them to develop their research skills independently, with advice and guidance from faculty.

Our department embraces lifelong opportunities for discovery, learning, and participation that contribute to healthy lifestyles for Living Well in Indiana and around the world, in keeping with the mission of the School of Public Health. Our alumni have a dynamic impact on local, national, and global studies.

We offer two advanced degrees:

  • Master of Science in Recreation (M.S.)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Leisure Behavior (Ph.D.)
Master of Science in Recreation (M.S.) Face to Face or Online

Students in the Master of Science Program can pursue one of five majors:

Doctor of Philosophy in Leisure Behavior (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Leisure Behavior is administered through the University Graduate School. A member of the graduate faculty is appointed to chair the student's doctoral advisory committee. Early in the first academic year the student will select two or three additional faculty members, including one representing the minor area. The doctoral advisory committee works with the student to prepare a course of study (prescription of courses) which must be approved by this committee.