Public Health & You: No-Cost Training for Indiana's Public Health Heroes

The IU School of Public Health-Bloomington dedicated to providing tools and support to the dedicated public health workforce in the state of Indiana through no-cost online training.

Public Health and YouCritical to our mission is helping the front-line workforce (often busy helping everyone lead healthier lives) to keep current, advance in their fields, and brush up on the latest public health issues, concepts, and best practices. We do this with an easy-to-use online course delivery system that saves YOU time because Public Health & YOU™ is anywhere YOU are as long as you have an Internet connection. We collaborate with experts in the field, faculty, staff, students, and alumni to meet educational needs of health workers like YOU.

What's more, Public Health & YOU™ is completely free!

Designed specifically for professionals and practitioners whose work impacts the health of the public, the initiative offers free online courses that were developed in conjunction with the Indiana State Department of Health, IU Health Bloomington Hospital and the Indiana Public Health Association.

According to the American Public Health Association, Indiana is one of the 10 least healthy states, with high obesity and smoking rates and low rates of physical activity. The state has one of the worst rates of cancer deaths per capita. In addition, public health funding is less than half of the national average.

Currently, five courses are being offered, and the initiative will be expanded over time. Courses can be taken alone, or if all five are successfully completed, the participant can earn a Professional Development Certificate in Public Health from the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington.

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