Physical Activity and Fitness Group

Community Engagement & Navy SHAPE

Community Engagement & IU-Navy SHAPE
The graduate PAFW program and the HFS undergraduate program both collaborate with many local organizations to provide knowledge surrounding physical activity and health, assistance in development and delivery of fitness and activity programs to the community, health and fitness leadership, and instruction and evaluation toward a common goal of better quality of life.  This is accomplished via development of programs and research, as well as involving undergraduate and graduate students via internships

Past and Present Partners
• Indiana University Recreational Sports
• Bloomington Chamber of Commerce
• Hoosier Energy
• Monroe County YMCA
• Southern Indiana Pediatrics
• Bloomington Hospital
• Twin Lakes Recreation Center
• Monroe County School Corporation
• St Charles Catholic School
• Force Fitness
• Cardinal Fitness
• IU Athletics

On-going Projects:
• Evaluation of the IU Recreational Sports Step into Fitness program
• Building Better Balance Courses: Balance Curriculums taught thru  Monroe County YMCA, Meadow Wood Retirement Center, Bell Trace Rehab Center and their participants
• GOAL Program—exercise instruction and leadership for overweight/obese youth and their parents
• Functional Assessment for seniors—Monroe County YMCA (Research component)
• Rehabilitative Exercise Programming-Meadow Wood and Bell Trace Retirement Centers
• Application Experiences-based on coursework—Monroe County YMCA Cardiac Rehab and Cancer programs—students work as health fitness specialists with participants of these programs to improve or enhance quality of life thru movement, exercise and physical activity programming
• Internships-as part of the degree program, students are required to obtain 150 hrs of participation, observation and  practical experience in health and fitness environments-we currently have many partners locally, regionally and nationwide that accept our students due to their acquired knowledge, skills and abilities gained thru the curriculum 

Membership on Committees
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Active Living Collation
Indiana Health Weight Initiative
Wellness Council of Indiana
Healthy IU

SHAPE (Senior Health Assessment Program Enterprise) was developed to improve the fitness and quality of life of active duty service members within the Department of Defense.  The mission of the program is to educate and motivate senior personnel over the age of 40 to achieve long-lasting health through permanent behavior change. The vision of the program is for the over-40 Navy community to achieve improved physical fitness by providing a world-class program that meets the individual needs of each participant. Carol Kennedy-Armbruster developed a working relationship with Command Navy Installation Command (CNIC) in 2007 to hire, train and supervise fitness specialists to be located at three Navy installations: Norfolk, Pearl Harbor and San Diego. Kennedy-Armbruster, PhD © will complete her dissertation this year utilizing data from this project and she will retain the contract for SHAPE through 2013. A new waterfront research project was recently added for the last two years of the contract (2011-2013). The service contract has hired 15 Department of Kinesiology students into full time jobs upon graduation. See the program dedicated Website for further information: Navy Fitness - SHAPE.

If you are interested in applying for an IU-Navy SHAPE position, contact Carol Kennedy-Armbruster.

Read the HPER Dimension article about IU-Navy SHAPE published in 2009.