Physical Activity and Fitness Group

Masters in Physical Activity, Fitness and Wellness

Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Kinesiology - Physical Activity, Fitness and Wellness
Non-Thesis Option: 39-42 Total Credit Hours Required
Thesis Option: 47-50 Total Credit Hours Required
Core Courses – Twenty-seven (27) credit hours required

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Program Concentrations

Program concentrations must be chosen in consultation with the student’s major advisor.

A. Physical Activity, Fitness and Wellness Management Track - Twelve (12) credit hours

B. Physical Activity and Public Health Track - Twelve (15) credit hours

C. Physical Activity Individualized Program Track – Twelve (12) credit hours

Students may develop an individualized focus area of study in conjunction with the assigned advisor and final approval from faculty in the Physical Activity, Fitness and Wellness degree program.

Thesis and Non-Thesis Options
Students in both the thesis and non-thesis options will earn certification from either the American College of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, National Strength and Conditioning Association, National Academy of Sport Medicine, National Society of Physical Activity Practitioners in Public Health, or another National Commission on Certifying Agencies approved organization as part of the M.S. degree in Physical Activity, Fitness and Wellness exit criteria.

If students possess one of the above mentioned certifications prior to entering the program, they will need to earn a higher level or alternate certification to meet the exit criteria. Students may not obtain similar certifications from different agencies to meet the requirement.

NOTE: Students who choose the thesis option and Physical Activity, Fitness and Wellness Management track will need to take an additional elective.


Pre-requisites: Students must meet the following competency requirements by showing coursework equivalents prior to entering the program. Students will not be admitted without evidence that the pre-requisites have been met.

Deficiencies: Students must either complete the following courses either prior to admission or take the courses during enrollment in the graduate program. Equivalent courses taken at other universities will be considered on a case by case basis. Undergraduate courses cannot be included on the degree plan.

The following materials are required before consideration of admittance to the thesis option:

  1. A formal letter stating research interests and justification for admittance to the option.
  2. Written verification that a tenure line faculty member in the Physical Activity, Fitness and Wellness degree program will serve as major advisor for the project.

Materials must be received by the end of classes of the second semester of full-time enrollment in the Physical Activity, Fitness and Wellness major. Faculty will meet and render judgment if the candidate is acceptable for admission to the thesis-option by May 30 of that calendar year.


For additional information and question about the program contact the program coordinator. Application materials can be found at Graduate Admission.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Carol Kennedy-Armbruster;;
(812) 855-6083

Program Faculty: Dr. Georgia Frey, Dr. Jeanne Johnston, and Dr. Carol Kennedy-Armbruster, Department of Kinesiology, PH 112, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405-4801