Indiana University Adapted Physical Activity Program



Welcome to the Indiana University Adapted Physical Activity Program! This is an exciting program designed for two purposes:  (1) to serve children with disabilities and their parents/guardians who live in Monroe County and surrounding areas; and (2) to prepare undergraduate majors in Kinesiology and other health-related programs to work with children with disabilities.

Program Operations

Dr. Georgia Frey is Director of the program. She is a faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology. Graduate and undergraduate students in the department serve as lab coordinators and assistants. Program participants will receive one-on-one instruction from students enrolled in K398, the undergraduate Adapted Physical Education course. These students are referred to as Hoosier teachers and they will be responsible for developing weekly plans for your child. Please do not refer to them as “buddies” or some other type of recreational companion. This is a professional obligation for these students, so we try to reinforce that concept. The course is typically comprised of pre-therapy, teacher education, and exercise science majors.

Instruction is provided in the gymnasium settings. Children are divided according to age groups. All children receive instruction in the main gymnasium. Hoosier teachers are also encouraged to take children outside, weather permitting. Student teachers are supervised by program staff at all times.


The program operates during fall and spring and follows the Indiana University (IU) academic calendar. The program is on Thursdays from 6:00-6:50 pm. Activities are conducted in the Public Health building on the IU campus.


As many of you are aware, parking on the IU campus is difficult. There is a pay lot in front of Public Health and across from the IMU on 7th Street. This lot is controlled by the Marriott organization. We cannot get parking passes for this lot, but we can offer validation for reduced cost. Contact Dr. Frey for further information or concerns about parking. We have tried to develop a plan that will make parking and access to the building as easy as possible. We ask that you arrive in plenty of time to park and walk into the building on time.  

There are several spots for handicapped parking in front of and behind the Public Health Building. We request that only those with orthopedic disabilities park behind the Public Health building because that is where the most accessible entrance is located.


The enclosed paperwork is necessary to provide your child with the best service. This information is strictly confidential and available only to the program staff. The Hoosier teachers will be apprised of your child's special needs, but they will not have access to the medical information. However, we do allow Hoosier teachers to look at the education information you provide. You are under no requirement to sign the photo release form. We ask that you provide as much information as possible so that we are better able to plan for your child. Please mail, e-mail or fax (812-855-3193) the paperwork back within 2 days of receiving the information. Receiving paperwork in a timely helps us prepare the students.

Paper work is located below under Documents.


The $30 fee covers operational costs of the program. If a family has two children with special needs then the total cost is $50. You may send your fee with your medical forms or bring it the first night. Personal checks are accepted and please make them out to Indiana University Adapted Physical Activity Program or IUAPA. If you would like your child to participate in the program, but are experiencing financial constraints, please contact Dr. Frey. No child will be turned away due to finances.

Parent Participation

You are encouraged to share any information with your child's Hoosier teacher that you think is beneficial. You may want to identify activities you would like to see your child practice on (for example if your family likes to play soccer, work on activities that emphasize soccer participation). We also want your continuous input regarding the program. However, due to facility constraints and safety considerations parents cannot remain in the gymnasiums for the entire program time. The first night will be "get to know you time", so it is expected that you will stay in the gym for a while and get acquainted with your child’s Hoosier teacher. The following nights we request that you bring your child to the gym and use the time as respite. There is a lounge and lobby in the Public Health building and the Memorial Union across the street from Public Health will be open if you would like to have a beverage and relax elsewhere.

Participant Absences

Your regular participation is an important part of the program. It is also important to be attending lab on time since your child’s Hoosier teacher and lab assistants always wait for your child in the hallway next to the gymnasium. Therefore, it is crucial that you inform your child’s Hoosier teacher or Dr. Frey in advance if you decide not to attend lab due to any reason. In fact, your child is encouraged to participate in the labs on a regular basis to be fully immersed in the program and to get benefits from the program. 


Your child's Hoosier teacher is not allowed to meet you outside of lab to make up missed programs or as part of the class. Personal arrangements between you and the student (e.g. babysitting) must occur independent of the lab.

Please tell your Hoosier teacher, Dr. Frey or one of his/her assistants if a different person will be picking up your child. For safety reasons, we will not return children to people we do not know. Please be sure to escort your child directly to Gym 163 and their Hoosier teacher each evening.

IU Students

Please remember that many of the Hoosiers are teaching for the first time and most have not worked with children with disabilities. They will be supervised, but input from you is very important. If you have any concerns about a student's teaching approach we ask that you first discuss the matter with Dr. Frey and then she will talk with the student. We also would appreciate any positive remarks you may have. Our goal is to create future advocates for all people with disabilities!


We understand that the evening time may overlap with dinnertime. We suggest that you provide your child a snack before lab, preferably something protein based. This will help improve their energy level. A nap before lab is often beneficial (for all of us).


These documents must be given to IUAPA before the child can participate in the program.

    1. Child medical and education information form (please return prior to the program as an e-mail attachment).
    2. Photo, video, and/or Web release form (please bring signed forms to the first night of the program).
    3. IUB Campus Map.
    4. Indiana University Adapted Physical Activity Program Authorization for Pick-up/Drop-off form (please return prior to the program as an e-mail attachment or bring signed forms to the first night of the program).
    5. IUAPA New Family information form (please return prior to the program as an e-mail attachment or bring signed forms to the first night of the program).

Please send forms to Dr. Georgia Frey listed below.


Dr. Georgia Frey
Dept. of Kinesiology/ PH 112
1025 E 7th St.
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN  47405
(812) 855-3193 (fax)