Physical Education Teacher Education

Program Overview

News: Lecturer Ann Huntoon is featured in the monthly fitness magazine INstride. Read her interview about teaching future Physical Education teachers here: Teaching the Teachers.

The Department of Kinesiology's Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program is committed to preparing students as successful teachers of physical education for all-grade (K-12) licensing in Indiana. (Reciprocal license agreements allow students to teach in most other states). Through their training in this program, graduates make a valuable contribution by promoting healthy lifestyles and vigorous physical activity.

2014 PETE Scholarship winners
2014 PETE Scholarship winners with former Dean Gallahue.

Students of the PETE program have competency in a variety of movement skills and in fitness education and are capable of analyzing, synthesizing, and applying scientific knowledge to physical education practice. They have a sincere interest in quality teaching and are personally committed to being physically educated and in helping others to become so. The PETE curriculum provides for the movement skill education of students; for the fitness education of students; and for early, frequent, and continuous teaching experiences in school and community settings. The program integrates scientific courses with courses in teaching methodology and is founded on the guidelines of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education. The program meets all standards of the Indiana Department of Education.
Picture of PETE Faculty, 2014.
PETE Faculty: Dr. Cothran: Ms. Huntoon; Dr. Keith Chapin

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
Major in Physical Education Teacher Education
120 credit hours with a minimum 2.5 GPA required for graduation

List of Requirements

Education majors outside of Physical Education may choose to pursue a cognate in Physical Education. Successful completion of the Physical Education cognate would allow the individual to teach physical education at the secondary level (grades 7-12)

Admission Expectations and Procedures

The SPH PETE program has a selective admission policy. The PETE admissions committee reviews each application looking for evidence of strong, consistent academic performance. We find that students who have learned how to manage their time and courses effectively prior to admission succeed in the PETE program. Admission is gained by students who display professional behavior and strong academic performance. The PETE admissions committee evaluates the following academic and professional indicators for each applicant: course and semester performance patterns (trend in grades), cumulative GPA, application semester GPA, admission course GPA, interview, and rigorousness of course work.

Each application is reviewed individually. Factors such as work experience, extra curricular activities, career goals, community service, and letters of recommendation are also considered, but are of less importance than academic performance factors. Students who have completed admission requirements, but display erratic academic performance, unprofessional behavior, downward grade trends, GPA's below 3.0 and weak course grades in pre-requisite courses, will be considered for admission, but are at risk for being denied PETE program admission. The PETE program accepts a maximum of 30 applicants twice each year (fall and spring admission). Students may apply for admission during the semester in which they are completing their admission requirements. Although application deadlines take place during the semester, the admission committee waits for semester grades to be posted before making admission decisions. In fact, academic performance during the application semester is an important factor in the admissions decision.

Application Checklist
Step 1 - Apply to the PETE Program

Minimum requirements for consideration of admission to the Department of Kinesiology PETE program:

  1. Completion of 26 credit hours of college course work that counts toward graduation with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 at the time of application.
  2. Successful completion of the following two prerequisite courses with a full "C" or higher in each course:
    - P140 Foundations of Physical Education (2 cr)
    - P141 Fundamentals of Human Movement (3 cr)
  3. Submission of three letters of recommendation ON LETTERHEAD STATIONARY from former teachers, coaches, or/and supervisors. These should speak of your leadership abilities and potential as a teacher. Letters should be sent, in a sealed envelope, directly to: PETE Admissions at 1025 E. 7th St. Office 179-PH Bloomington, IN 47405 or handed in, by the applicant, with the envelope signed across the seal by the recommender. We will not accept letters of recommendation sent by fax.
  4. Submission of a Personal Essay (CLICK HERE for guidelines).
Submission of an application by one of the required deadlines: March 1 for fall admission. Students should apply online from the Undergraduate Degree Programs page.
  1. This application includes all of the aforementioned materials/requirements and must be submitted by the stated deadline. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Transfer students must apply for admission into the PETE program. Application forms may be picked up and delivered or mailed to:

    School of Public Health-Bloomington Records Office
    SPHBRoom 115
    RE: PETE application
    Indiana University
    Bloomington, Indiana 47405

Alternatively, students may apply online from the Undergraduate Degree Programs page.

  1. Result: Each application will be reviewed individually by the PETE faculty. Students will be selected for a formal interview based on the merits of their application. Following the interview, each applicant will be reviewed again by the PETE faculty. Students will be selected to the PETE program based on the quality of their academic performance, interview skills and commitment to Physical Education.
  2. Following an official letter of acceptance to the PETE program, students must attend a mandatory PETE Orientation meeting. Failure to attend this program will cause the offer to be withdrawn.
Step 2- Apply to the Teacher Education Program (School of Education)

Students must apply apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program through the School of Education.

Required for admission to the School of Education teacher education program:

  1. Passing the paper based or computer based test (PPST): scoring at least 175 in mathematics, 176 in reading, and 172 in writing.
  2. A minimum overall cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher (overall, major, minor and in professional education).
  3. Minimum grade of C or higher in these courses:
    • EDUC-P254 – Educational Psychology All-Grade (3cr.)
    • EDUC-M201 – Lab-Field Experience (C:P254) (2cr.)
    • EDUC-M300 – Teaching in a Plural Society (3cr.)
    • HPER-P200 – Microcomputer Applications in Physical education (3cr.)
    • ENG-W131 – Elementary composition (3cr.)
    • CMCL-C121 – Public speaking (3cr.)
  4. Criminal Check Requirement. You may be required to provide a criminal history check to school districts before participating in field placements and/or student assignments based on a misdemeanor or felony conviction. The application process for a teaching license in Indiana requires a current criminal history check. Convicted felons will not be granted a teaching license.

You can apply for admission to the School of Education Teacher Education Program online.


For more information on the undergraduate physical education teacher education (PETE) program, please contact: 

Dr. Keith Chapin
Indiana University
Department of Kinesiology
PH 179
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone: (812) 855-1379
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