Student Academic Appointments

The types of assistantships listed below are available through the School of Public Health-Bloomington for students admitted to graduate degree programs on the Bloomington campus. Graduate students can apply for these assistantships by visiting the online application. Please note that SAAs are awarded by department and are competitive awards. SAAs are based on the department’s needs and also on funding availability.

Application Deadline for SAA

The priority deadline to be considered for a SAA is January 15, 2019. Students are welcomed to submit a SAA application after this deadline; however, priority consideration will be given to those students who have applied by the priority deadline and to those applications that are fully completed.

Types of Assistantships
  • Associate Instructor: A graduate student who is employed as a teacher and engages in activities as a teacher. Teaching consists of the activities of teaching, lecturing, tutoring, instructing, laboratory assisting in an instructional role, and the like in the activity of imparting knowledge, providing the employee has responsibility for assigning grades for at least a portion of a course and has direct contact with students.

All International students must take the TEPAIC examination. It is required for graduate students whose mother tongue is not English and whose academic departments will be assigning them an Associate Instructor position. For a student to register, his or her department must submit an email memo indicating that the student must take the TEPAIC exam. Please visit the TEPAIC website for specific information:

  • Graduate Assistant: A graduate student who, in an academic department or in an administrative office, assists in work associated with the duties of faculty members or administrators, such as library searches, curricular development, or grading.
  • Research Assistant: A graduate student who is engaged in or assists with original, professional-level research.
Handbook for Student Academic Appointees

The IUB Handbook for Student Academic Appointees is available for download from the Office of Academic Affairs & Dean of the Faculties Web site.

Stipends & Tuition Remission

Stipends and Tuition Remission packages vary by department.