Why the School of Public Health?

The School of Public Health-Bloomington is a unique school with a large and diverse student population. While many schools of public health in the country are limited to graduate education, our extensive and diverse undergraduate students bring life and energy to the traditional concept of a school of public health and contribute to our school’s efforts to address health-related challenges around the globe through a multidisciplinary approach. With nearly 3,000 students in a variety of degree programs, the School of Public Health-Bloomington offers a traditional campus experience enriched by 21st-century innovation. With diverse backgrounds and personal motivations, each student comes to the school dedicated to enhancing the world through better health. 

With traditional strengths in kinesiology, applied health science, and recreation, park, and tourism studies, new programs and majors in environmental health, epidemiology, and biostatistics prepare students for the most relevant education and broadest career opportunities.   More than 120 faculty in five academic departments -- Kinesiology; Applied Health Science; Recreation, Park and Tourism Studies; Environmental Health; and Epidemiology and Biostatistics -- conduct major research, teach and engage with communities across a broad spectrum of health, wellness and disease-prevention topics.

Each department offers numerous majors, minors and opportunities for graduate and undergraduate studies.

Our degrees prepare you for fulfilling careers in many of today's most popular and relevant fields related to preventing disease, promoting wellness, and improving quality of life.

Why Indiana University?

A great university creates an environment that nurtures new ideas, unique talents, and burning curiosities. This is Indiana University in a nutshell. 

The IU Bloomington Admissions Web site will provide you with more information about studying at IU Bloomington, housing, and other information about the campus.

Why Bloomington?

IU Bloomington is the original and flagship campus of the Indiana University system. Being the flagship campus, IU Bloomington has the largest student enrollment and a strong focus on enriching the lives of students through outstanding academic programs, research, and a wide array of activities.