International Students

Agency Sponsorship


General Requirements

The Indiana University Office of the Bursar oversees the process for external agencies that desire to sponsor (fund) the costs of international students. Should you have any questions or concerns, the Office of the Bursar can be contacted by telephone at (812)855‐2444, or by e‐mail to General requirements include:

A Letter of Authorization:

  • A letter from your organization authorizing Indiana University to bill you for a student’s charges is required.
  • Payment from your organization cannot be contingent upon grades, course selection, or course completion. Should a class schedule or transcript be required by your organization, they must be obtained from the student.
  • Letters should be received at least thirty days before the start of a term or before a student registers if they are registering late.
    • Late authorizations could result in the student having to pay in full from personal funds or financial aid, and then be reimbursed once the authorization is received. Late authorizations could also cause a late fee(s) to be assessed to the student.

The letter of authorization, on organization letterhead or official form, must clearly state:

  • Student’s name
  • Student’s 10‐digit University ID number (UID) as assigned by the Office of Admissions. (The last four digits of the student’s social security number may be used only if the IU UID is not known to the sponsor.)
  • Indicate if the sponsorship is for 100% of the fees noted or a maximum dollar amount (complete fee listing may be found at
  • State which types of educational fees will be paid. Assessed fees include:
    • Tuition
    • Mandatory Fees charged to all enrolled students (Activity Fee, Technology Fee, Health Fee, and Transportation Fee)
    • Course/class fees associated with specific courses. (lab fees, studio fees)
    • Program fees: fees associated with a specific major or school. (University Division Services Fee, Business Program Fee, Music Program Fee, Graduate Non‐degree Processing Fee)
    • Orientation fees (required of all entering IU students, one‐time only)
    • International Health Insurance (unless waiver is accepted)
    • International Services Fee (required of all international students)
    • On‐campus housing room/residence hall charges
    • On‐campus meal plan/dining charges
    • The authorized terms/dates, not to exceed one academic year
    • Sponsor contact information: name, title, phone number, complete billing address, e‐mail address, and fax number

Invoice Guidelines:

  • Invoices will be mailed after the close of the term (Fall, Spring, Summer) refund period, typically the fifth week after the start of classes for Fall or Spring term; the third week for Summer.
  • A $25.00 processing fee per term will be included on the first invoice for the term. Summer sessions are billed together and thus charged one processing fee. If this fee is not paid, the payment made for the student will be reduced. This will create a balance due from the student.

Payment Guidelines:

  • Payment in full will be due from the sponsor by the due date noted on the invoice. Failure to remit payment will result in charges reverting back to the student’s account; the student will be responsible for payment and subject to service restrictions and late fees.
  • Indiana University reserves the right to suspend acceptance of future authorizations.
  • Payments must be remitted to the address on invoice and accompanied by the bottom portion of the invoice.

Wire transfers are accepted as a means of payment. To learn more about this option, you may contact Linda Abbott, Office of the Bursar, by telephone at (812) 855‐2444, or by e‐mail to