Research and creative activities of our faculty and students are well situated within the diverse and transdisciplinary environments of the School of Public Health. Through collaborative efforts with colleagues across the Indiana University system and strategic partnerships with local and state public health agencies, community-based organizations, and corporate entities, faculty and students pursue research and creative activities that seek to advance scientific knowledge in diverse areas of public health while simultaneously making contributions to the continuing capacity of Indiana’s public health workforce and its efforts.

Among our primary goals as the School of Public Health is to:

Conduct, disseminate, and translate research and creative activity to advance

knowledge and health worldwide.

As we work toward this goal, faculty, staff, students, and our community partners around the globe seek to implement research and creative activities that can be characterized as:

Transdisciplinary. Our approaches, situated across the diverse disciplines of the school, offer a state-of-the-art and unparalleled environment for conducting work that is transdisciplinary and that offers innovative approaches to the world’s most complex public health challenges.

Community Engaged. With hundreds of partnerships across the globe with community-based organizations and institutions, the School of Public Health has a commitment to ensuring that research and creative activities are responsive to the needs of those on the front lines of public health.

Applied. We seek to ensure the translation of research findings into diverse settings in ways that bridge research and practice to improve the health of those in Indiana and beyond.

Future Oriented. The School of Public Health understands that the future of health around the globe is dependent upon the skills and values of the next generation of researchers and practitioners.  To that end, we are resolute in our commitment to student engagement in research.